Ketamine America Mission Statement

Ketamine America was founded by a group of individuals who saw an opportunity to help people and change lives. The clinical research and personal testimonies of friends and family inspired the KA team to take action. The hope to help people find resolution with their debilitating mental health and pain conditions is what we strive for. The Ketamine America team brings a combination of experience, knowledge, and dedication to help support you on your way to recovery.

Take The Steps To A Better You
  1. Give us a call or fill out a Consultation form and you will be contacted shortly
  2. Schedule initial consultation, ask questions about Ketamine therapy, and fill out intake paperwork sent to you via email
  3. Initial consultation is performed via telehealth or over the phone with one of our nurses and medical providers
  4. Once cleared for treatment, you will be schedule to start your series of 4-12 Ketamine infusions
  5. Subsequent single booster infusions are given to maintain symptom relief as needed