What is Covid Related Stress?

Covid-19 has taken an unprecedented toll on Mental Health. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen an all time high of Depression and Anxiety. We have also seen a dramatic increase in cases of PTSD and Substance Abuse. We have had to make some dramatic changes to our daily lives as a society in an attempt to eradicate this virus. A list of distress responses called the "Covid Stress Scales" was created to identify pandemic-related stress response. This list is 1) Danger & Contamination Fears 2) Socioeconomic Concerns 3) Xenophobia 4) Traumatic Stress 5) Compulsive Checking

How does Ketamine help with Covid Related Stress?

Ketamine has been proven to help with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and decreasing the use of Substances. If you are experiencing an increase in these symptoms since Covid, Ketamine may be a good option for you. Ketamine has the ability to reset the brain by regenerating neuronal connections that have been affected by on going stress.