What is CRPS/RSD?

CRPS is a painful and often disabling neurological condition. It affects about 1.2% of the adult chronic pain population. CRPS can develop after trauma, minor injuries, or surgery. Signs and symptoms of CRPS include, but are not limited to burning pain, mechanical and thermal allodynia, hyperalgesia, hyperpathia, autonomic dysregulation, neurogenic edema and a complicated movement disorder often associated with atrophy and dystrophy known as hyperhidrosis. It is not well understood exactly what causes CRPS, but we do know it causes damage to both the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems. The pain that follows the injury is much more intense and severe than the original injury, therefore treatment is focused on trying to manage the pain.

How does Ketamine treat CRPS?

Ketamine works to decrease the pain that you feel. Ketamine is an NMDA Receptor antagonist; therefore, it blocks the neurotransmitters at the NMDA Receptor site that allow you to feel pain. When these receptors are blocked, they cannot fire causing a decrease in pain. Ketamine also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which may help calm reduce some of the inflammation from CRPS. We pair our ketamine therapy with nerve blocks for patients with CRPS and have seen outstanding results.