Our Team

In recent years, ketamine therapy has grown in popularity for transforming people’s lives, but the success of ketamine depends on the specifics of each patient's case and the Doctors ability to address their specific needs. 

Our goal at Ketamine America is to help those with serious mood disorders or chronic pain by providing them with individualized, high-quality care and therapy. We focus on ketamine infusion therapy, which is a new and powerful solution to chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Founded by a group of individuals who saw an opportunity to help people and change lives, the team at Ketamine America has the requisite experience, knowledge, and dedication to assist people in finding relief from debilitating mental health and pain conditions. Our thorough and precise evaluation process ensures that each patient receives the care they need. 

Ketamine America is prepared to work with you at every stage of the process to monitor and fully support your ongoing wellness.

Meet The Ketamine America Team


Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Shah is a double-board-certified interventional pain management specialist. Dr. Shah specializes in interventional pain procedures for the spine and regenerative medicine for the joints. She also has plenty of experience and success in utilizing ketamine therapy for some of her patients who may not respond well to other modalities. Using an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Shah helps people who are in pain reach their highest level of function.



Dr. Hargraves is an anesthesiologist who has worked with critically ill patients. She had a hand in developing a successful protocol for treating acute pain that is used in different fields. Dr. Hargraves graduated from UMDNJ in New Jersey, where she practiced Internal Medicine for 2 years before starting her anesthesia residency. She is a compassionate, patient-centered provider who strives to help her patients achieve the most fulfilling and wholesome life possible.


Nursing Supervisor

Taylor is a Registered Nurse who has a wealth of knowledge in the mental health field. She knew from a young age that she wanted to help people and feels she has found her niche in caring for patients undergoing Ketamine infusion therapy. Prior to graduating nursing school, Taylor was a nationally certified paramedic who has worked on an ambulance and gained relevant experience in the emergency setting. She has been working as a paramedic and registered nurse with IV Ketamine therapy for the past three years and plans to continue in this exciting and innovative field.

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